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Learn more about our Canine Good Citizen classes

Do you want to register your pup as a service or emotional support animal? Our Canine Good Citizen classes are the way to go! Organized through the American Kennel Club, this course focuses on teaching basic skills, building confidence and developing good manners. In just two courses, your dog will join the list of millions of good boys and girls who've been making their owners proud since 1989.

What will your pup learn?

If you give a dog a bone, they'll surely take it. Our group and private training sessions will teach your dog to sit, roll over and bark before they even get the chance to sniff the bone. These classes cover:

Is Your Dog Ruff Around the Edges?

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Purchasing a puppy or rescuing a dog is a joyful experience. Unfortunately, many new owners end up giving their dog away due to behavior issues. This leads to crowded adoption agencies and sad dogs.

Dog training is essential for all pet parents. Let the team at Paws and Listen turn your wild wolf into a model citizen. Our private training sessions and group classes are perfect for all breed types, ages and sizes.

In addition to dog training, we also provide grooming services. Book your appointment today!