See what our clients have to say!

Wonderful training and highly recommend to anyone looking for a great trainer!!

Malissa M.

My dog is a super star thanks to Steph at Paws and Listen! She is truly dedicated and you can tell she loves her job.

Amanda S.

Great beginner class. Paws and Listen provided us with a lot of different info and ideas on how to train our puppy!

Bequi H.

Great customer service and phenomenal work on dogs!! They cleaned my friend's pet and we left happy including the dog. The staff is very polite and respectful of every one.

Ladoya J.

Groomers here are very attentive to the dogs and cats to ensure they have the best service possible. Your pets are in very good hands when brought here. They now have 6 groomers on staff with one of them also being a licensed trainer.

Jacqueline F.

Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Took their time to make my fur baby feel comfortable as he gets anxious when he has to go to the groomer.

Tamara M.

Great class. Our puppy mastered all the basic skills.

Michelle S.

Very friendly and great service.

Virginia A.

Very good with our dogs, loving atmosphere with pets and friendly helpful staff.

Lisa J.

I was a first-time dog owner in 2017, and I needed help. Thankfully, I met Steph and took my dog to her basic class. It helped me and my pup TREMENDOUSLY!! So much so that I continued to the next level with my pup, and just completed basic classes with my newest dog. I love that it is positive reinforcement training, and that Steph is extremely knowledgeable about many different types of training situations/needs for dogs. I was able to learn how to train my dog and now, 2 years later, having those basic classes is truly showing to have paid off. I'd highly recommend!

Sara V.

Donna B.

I cannot recommend Paws and Listen enough. This plus working at home means I have a big dog who listens to me, trusts me and isn't afraid of me. (Black garbage bags are another story) I can walk him and he stays where I want him to be, doesn't pull (unless there's a bird he wants to eat). I can walk him with no tension on the leash. These classes give you and your dog the basics for building a trusting relationship. Bowser now instinctively looks to me for direction because he knows I'll give it to him. I have no worry if he is off-leash because he'll come back when I call him. He doesn't shove out the door because he waits for my cue to go ahead. When we go for a walk and he wants to eat a piece of trash I tell him to Leave it! and he does. Even if it smells fantastic.

Chessie G.